Download the HSC efeedback guide (PDF 2.0 MB)

Link to efeedback: http://hsc.uwe.ac.uk/efeedback/

efeedback is HSC online assignment submission website, it allows students to submit work (30 days before the due date) online and then allows marks to be given online.

Please be aware eFeedback is nothing to do with Blackboard or MyUwe.  eFeedback is a stand alone system that you can get to via the link at the top of this page or the Health and Social Care school homepage.  If you have been asked to submit assessments through Blackboard you can get access to Blackboard through the portal or get advice on the online assessment process from Blackboard support.

The things you need to submit to efeedback:

  • A UWE username and password
  • A module that uses efeedback (please check with the module leader or your module handbook)
  • A module that has a submission date in the next 30 days
  • One file that is a MS Word document (.docx / .doc) or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file
  • To know your module name code and submission date
  • A file that is less than 4mb in size

Please see the links on the left to find out in more detail how the system works.