Evaluation of the online delivery of European Union requirements within nurse education

In order for students in the faculty undertaking Pre-Registration Adult nursing courses to be eligible to enter the Professional Register, they are required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to provide evidence that they have met specific learning outcomes in relation to; maternity care, child care and mental health and psychiatry. These have been delivered as paper "packs" which include the relevant background material, references, and learning activities. Within these packs students are asked to complete a variety of exercises in order to demonstrate their achievement of learning outcomes, needed for them to be eligible to register.

For the last two years a project has been underway to develop interactive tools delivered via the worldwide web (WWW) to enable adult branch students to meet these requirements and produce evidence. This has required the contribution of both subject experts and technical staff, and has gone live as of September 2006.

The project has the potential to contribute to knowledge exchange, as all pre-registration education adult nursing students in the UK are required to meet these requirements in order to register. Through discussion with external examiners, and colleagues within other Higher Education Institutions (HEI) it would appear that there are no online packages in existence that support pre-registration nursing students in the completion of the EU requirement of their course. 

The work planned in the development phase of the EU-online packs will provide the initial beta testing to ensure packs function as an online resource

Principle Research Question/Objective

  • To evaluate the online delivery of the European Union Packs (EU Packs) for pre-registration adult nursing students

Secondary Research Questions/Objectives

To ensure that the online delivery of EU requirements is fit for purpose.

  • To provide a methodological exploration of the use of online questionnaires.
  • To provide evaluative evidence to support the potential for knowledge transfer.
  • To contribute towards staff development and the profile of the faculty in the area of e-learning.

To view the full report in a pdf format: Evaluation of the online delivery of European Union requirements within nurse education