Young people's safer accessibility project - involving young people in the Streets Ahead on Safety Project through adoption of a child rights based approach

Project lead: Dr Richard Kimberlee

Funded by: Birmingham City Council

This project builds on earlier work undertaken by Dr Richard Kimberlee and Professor Elizabeth Towner when they helped to evaluate Birmingham City Council’s Inner City Safety Demonstration Project, a community, ‘bottom-up’ approach to developing and implementing road safety solutions in the East Birmingham area.

This project is grounded in the belief that involving young people in community initiatives brings tangible benefits to both the research and the community. In particular involvement will help the project to ensure the acquisition of more valid data; will increase young participant’s sense of citizenship and also enhance their sense of personal development (Kirby, 1999). Building on good practice locally we are seeking to encourage Birmingham City Council to develop innovative ways in which to blend experts and local practitioners together to facilitate youth involvement in decision making around the roll out of the ICSDP.

In particular we aim:

• To develop methods of working with groups of young people to enhance the participation of children and young people in the ICSDP
• Use existing participative structures to inform decision makers about the important transport and environmental issues faced by young people
• To document and evaluate the process of working with young people and the interventions identified
• To facilitate the process of road safety officers working with children and young people
• To develop guidelines for road safety officers building on our local evidence base and our existing knowledge of methods of working with young people
• Seek to support any young people who are invited to participate in any decision making structures attached to the ICSDP

Duration: 18 months ending December 2006

For further information contact Dr Richard Kimberlee:

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