Judy Harrison

MN, RGN, RM, RCNT, Cert. Ed., DipN (Lond)

Associate Head of Adult Nursing – Senior Lecturer

Judy Harrison is one of three Associate Heads of the Adult Nursing School. As part of the Adult School management team her responsibilities include, providing academic leadership and development of the school as well as supporting and facilitating:

(a) the quality of the delivery of programmes,

(b) the professional development of staff and;

(c) a variety of research activities.

She is also Field Leader for the Acute and Critical Adult Nursing Field. This role includes responsibility for monitoring quality enhancement mechanisms for the modules and programmes that sit within this defined area. As Lead for the Adult Clinical Skills Initiative, Judy manages the team of Adult Clinical Skills Demonstrators. She works closely with the Clinical Skills Co-ordinator to ascertain and meet short and long terms needs, identify and plan future developments and monitors the progress and effectiveness of the initiative.

Judy’s teaching and research interests include; Spirituality and nursing practice: within the Adult Nursing Pre Registration DipHE/Bsc(Hons) Programme. She has recently been awarded a Faculty Small Grant with a colleague, to explore existing data to identify to what extent the mentor enables students to extend their learning and understanding of interprofessional practice. Judy is a Practitioner Panel Member of the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Fitness to Practise Investigating Committee.

Recent publications include:

Harrison, J. and Burnard, P. (1993) Spirituality and Nursing Practice. Aldershot. Avebury ISBN 185628509X

Harrison, J. (1996) 2nd International Nursing Conference - 3-6 November 1996 Brunei, Darussalam. Presentation of a paper - Spirituality and Nursing Practice.

Mowforth, G. Morris, M. & Harrison, J. (2002) 34th Annual Conference. British Sociological Association, Medical Sociology Group. 27-29 September York University. Presentation of a paper. - Experiences of Adult Nursing students on two different curricula – the relevance and application of behavioural sciences.

Harrison, J. Mowforth, G. & Morris, M.(2003) RCN International Nursing Research Conference 10-12 April. University of Manchester. Poster Presentation- An Investigation into Adult Nursing Students’ experience of the relevance and application of behavioural Sciences across two different curriculum.

Mowforth, G. Harrison, J. & Morris, M (2005) An investigation into adult students’ experience of the relevance and application of behavioural sciences (biology, psychology and sociology) across two different curricula. Nurse Education Today 25, 41-48

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