Professor Steven West


Pro Vice-Chancellor

Research Interests

Dynamic and Static Foot Pressure; Measurements as a diagnostic tool in foot pathologies in diabetes and rheumatoid disease; Development of measurement systems, for the analysis of dynamic in shoe plantar pressure measurements; Development of Shape analysis to
support CADCAM the production of ankle foot orthoses; Interprofessional Education and its role in the Modernisation Agendas of the NHS and Social Services; the development of new roles to support the NHS modernisation agenda.

Recent Publications Presentations

West S.G. & Woodburn J (1999) Chapter 5 pp 18-24 Pain in the Foot in ABC of Rheumatology Edited by M.Snaith. BMJ Publishing Group. ISBN 0-7279-1385-9.

West S.G. & Barnett S (1999). Plantar Pressure Measurement: which system ? The Diabetic Foot. Vol 2 No 3, pp108-110. ISSN 1462-2041.

Barnett S., Cunningham J., West S.G. (2000) A Comparison of Vertical Forces and Temporal Parameters by an In-shoe Pressure Measuring System and a Force Platform. Clinical Biomechanics 15 (2000) 781-785. ISSN 0268-0033.

West. S.G. (November 2000) The Multispeciality Approach to Care of the Diabetic Foot. VSICON 20007th Annual Conference Vascular Society of India.

West. S.G. (November 2000) Diabetic Workshop: MV Diabetic Hospital & Research Centre Chennai India. Key Note Address: A Podiatrists View of the Diabetic Foot.

West S.G. (September 2001) Interprofessional Conference: Bristol University, Bath University, UWE. Key note Address: Why Do Interprofessional Learning; A Policy Prospective.

West S.G. (November 2001) National Audit Committee Conference (London) invited speaker. The funding base for Nursing, Midwifery and the Health Professions.

Barnett S, West S.G., Cunningham J. (22nd-24th May 2003) 4th International Symposium on The Diabetic Foot. Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. The Clinical Effectiveness of Orthoses prescribed to control and reduce diabetic foot pathology. Poster Presentation.