An Evaulation of Brook Sexual Health Outreach in Schools

Project team: Dr Debra Salmon (Lead), Dr Jenny Ingram and Judy Orme

Funded by: Neighbourhood Renewal Bristol

The Brook Sexual Health Outreach Service was funded by Neighbourhood Renewal in 2006-08 with the aim of reducing the impact of teenage pregnancy and sexual ill-health amongst young people within the Neighbourhood Renewal Areas in Bristol. The service was commissioned by Bristol Teenage Pregnancy Partnerships (BTPP) and managed by Brook Bristol. BTPP also commissioned the evaluation. The service was delivered in sixteen secondary school settings including three pupil referral units. All schools were in areas of high social deprivation based on the Index of Multiple Deprivation. 

The evaluation sought to assess the implementation of the Brook Outreach School Drop-in Service and the consequences for young people living in areas of high deprivation. Key objectives were to identify the patterns, reasons and outcomes of young people’s attendance and to explore young people’s views of the service including any perceived barriers to access. Views of professionals working within the service were also sought to highlight their experiences of service development and their views on sustainability.

Duration: July 2007 - March 2008

Copies of the Executive Summary and Full Report are available here:
Executive Summary
Full Report

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