Screening for Dyslexia

Initial screening for dyslexia is now carried out at The Disability Centre at Frenchay Campus.

I think one of my students may have dyslexia - what do I do?

Suggest they book an appointment to see The Disability Centre at Frenchay Campus for a LADS plus test. Telephone 0117 32 82564 or E-mail: . Since the LADS plus test gives an indication only of possible dyslexia, it may need to be followed up (should the student want this) by a full Educational Psychologist’s assessment . 

In addition, see the Teaching, Learning and Assessment pages for a checklist of helpful things that you can use within your teaching practice which some students with dyslexia may find useful. 

Why screen for dyslexia?
While there is some debate about the methods of diagnosing a person with dyslexia, to date, an  Educational Psychologist's report is the gold standard for confirming dyslexia. This report is needed to give a diagnosis of dyslexia which is recognised by academic establishments. This is the pathway for a student with dyslexia to access the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) and to receive funding for support in higher education.

Having a LADS plus test can represent the beginning of this process for a student.

To look at another example of a quick, initial screening test for dyslexia see:

Adult dyslexia checklist (revised 1994)



















































































































































. (Revised 1994)