Elective Opportunities for Nursing and Midwifery Group

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Placement opportunities UK and overseas : Wednesday December 3rd 2014

Drop into 10.00-12.00 Glenside Traders for Poster presentation of Electives, Croatia and Erasmus opportunities, Information for 'Work the World' & support from UWE's Study abroad team
13.30-16.00 1H16 -open afternoon. Presentations from Nursing and midwifery students on their elective, Croatia and Erasmus experiences. 
 Nursing and Midwifery September 2013 cohorts
Elective: Adult, Learning Disability and Mental Health: 7th September - October 4th 2015
Elective Child: June 22nd - July 19th 2015 
Elective Midwifery: 14th September - 25th October 2015
Erasmus: August/September - December 2015
Application form deadlines for September 2013 students
Elective Adult/Mental Health/Learning Disability: Friday March 20th 2015
Elective Child: Friday January 16th 2015 
Elective Midwifery: Friday March 20th 2015
Erasmus: Friday February 13th 2015 
Adult Nursing March 14 cohort
Croatia : May 9th - May 23rd 2015
Elective :March 7th - April 2nd 2016
Erasmus :March - June 2016
Application Form deadline for March 14 students undertaking:
Croatia Monday January 26th 2015 All applications to Nick Preddy
Electives and Erasmus Friday September 26th 2015
Nursing & Midwifery September  2014 Cohorts
 Croatia: May 9th – May 23rd 2015
 Adult /M.H/L.D Elective: 5th September – 1st October 2016
 Midwifery Elective: To be confirmed
 Child Elective: June 20th – July 16th 2016
 Erasmus: August/September - December  2016

Application Form Deadline for September 14  students undertaking:

 Croatia: Monday January 26th 2015 All applications to Nick Preddy
 Adult/M.H/L.D and Midwifery : Friday March 18th 2016
 Child:  Friday January 15th 2016
 Erasmus :Friday  February 12th 2016


  • Please see the initial information below to support an elective placement, for Erasmus, Croatia or research electives please see the menu on the left hand side
  • Please note the information to support the application process


An elective experience means that student nurses and midwives can arrange to undertake work experience within a health or welfare service in the UK or abroad. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for students to plan and organise a short period of work in an environment that is not available to UWE students.  Students need to be pro-active in organising and managing their elective experience, so we strongly advise you to familiarise yourself with the Elective  Opportunities website. 

• What do I need to do? 

           Read the information for your cohort on the left hand side menu
           Attend an Open Afternoon either at Glenside, Gloucester 

• Is an elective for me? 

Look at the Elective Flow Chart for the application process 

 The GANE TRUST  www.ganetrust.org.uk have agreed to support ONE student across all fields of nursing & midwifery, each academic year.  This is an annual award of £1,000 for an "International Elective / Erasmus Experience" (This does not apply to the 2 week Croatia experience).

Application for this award will be based on your Elective Application Form "Supporting Statement"You will therefore need to consider the depth and breadth of your statement as supporting your International Application.


International Day
Wednesday December 3rd 2014
10:00- 13:00 Glenside Traders
  • Poster display of Elective, Croatia, Erasmus opportunities
  • Information from 'Work the World'
  • Cafe Lingua (UWE Language Exchange)
  • Information from UWE's Erasmus team on fidning and application

  13.30-16:00 1H16

  • Presentations from the nursing and Midwifery students on their experiences and the application process