BSc(Hons) Diagnostic Imaging/ Radiotherapy
Radiographic Science

Welcome to the Radiographic Science module of the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Imaging / Radiotherapy course.

The aims of this module are to provide a basic radiation science knowledge base; to provide the required working knowledge of radiation protection and introduce the principles of X-ray image production.

The underpinning science and basic applications of the imaging modalities for diagnosis and treatment will also be explored.


Module Team

Sally Waddington (Radiotherapy - Module leader)
Tel: 0117 3288543

Suzanne Easton (Diagnostic Imaging)
Tel: 0117 93288898

Marc Griffiths (Diagnostic Imaging)
Tel: 0117 3288779

Gill Springett (Radiotherapy)
Tel: 0117 3288615

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Separate sessions:
Diagnostic Radiography students: 02/10/03 - Overview of Diagnostic Imaging
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